When should you book your newborn session?

One of the most commonly asked questions is, ”When should I book my newborn session?’

The answer is NOW!

It may seem like your due date is never going to arrive, its so far in the distant future even trying to count down the weeks hurts your head!

The truth is it will be here before you know it.

Most newborn photographers are booked at least 2-3 months in advance, if you wait to long you might not get a booking with your favourite photographer.

Book your session for your due date, photographers make an expectation that you propley will not deliver on your actual due date! It could be 2 weeks earlier or 2 weeks later. Baby will arrive when he or she is ready!

Most newborn photographers only take a limited number of newborn sessions a month, and it can be really dissapointing when they cant fit you in.

Sessions are generally held within the first 5-14 days of Baby being born, so prebooking is just ideal when life suddenly gets busy.

Can you have your newborn session after 14 days?

Yes, of course! But Baby is much more alert after the 2 week mark, the longer you wait the less likely it is that your Baby will sleep through their session, making them cute poses very difficult to do.

What if I deliver early or late?

It’s no problem, just contact your photographer on Baby’s arrival. Or better yet assign that job to your other half! Once we know when Baby is here, together we will arrange the perfect date and time.

Lets re-cap!

  • The best time to book your session is NOW! (or at least by your 2nd trimester)
  • Sessions should be held 5-14 days after Baby being born.
  • Contact your Photographer when Baby arrives to arrange a date and time.
  • Babies aged between 5-14 days are more likely to sleep through their session.(which is exactly what we want!)

For more information on Newborn Sessions fill out the contact form below or click HERE!

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