‘fresh 48’ Hospital Sessions

Fresh 48 Hospital Sessions are short lifestyle shoot which takes place just after baby is born, around 24-48 hours old.

Usually lasting no more than 30 minutes, the whole session is very relaxed and is shot bedside Mom. This session is held during visiting hours, so I can catch siblings meeting for the first time . Babies change so much in the first few days and so Fresh 48 Sessions are a beautiful way to capture it.

How much dose it cost & what do I get?

This Session cost €180. You get all images downloadable from an online Gallery within 2 weeks of the session. Buuuutt… the day after the session I send you an ‘Announcement’ image to share with Friends and Family, share the joy!

When & how do I book?

Booking in advance is always best, but not necessary. Booking is simple, click HERE!

newborn sessions

Newborn sessions are very simple and worth a million memories.

How dose it work?

These sessions are held in the first 5-14 days of life. Making wrapping and posing Baby easy, while their still, sleepy & precious. Babies love to be wrapped! They feel warm, secure and wonderfully safe.

I like to photograph Baby posed aswel as capturing the true moments in Family life, Daddies smiling at there little Girls and Mommies doing what only come natural. I generally do 4-6 poses on a bean bag along with Siblings, Mom’s and Dad’s. Making your Gallery a total treat!

What do I get & how do I find out more?

Your Gallery will consist of 15-20 images, from which you will get 3 FREE 8×6 prints. All other prints and products from our online shop can be purchased after viewing your Gallery. If you would like to find out more, or view our online shop click HERE!


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