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Honest, natural Family lead Photography

Family Lifstyle Session

These Family Session work best when booked in advance and perfect for Family members who dont like to pose!

Your Family will treasure these photos in years to come, they might even remember the day a ‘Photographer Lady came to take pictures and it was soo much fun!’

The location is up to you, your house, Nana’s house, the beach, the garden…. it’s personal to each Family.

These Sessions are 1 hour long. You can expect to view up to 50 watermarked images from an online Gallery from which you will pick 15 to keep and cherish as digital downloads (downloadable images).

Extras can be purchased separately after viewing.

How much does this Session cost!?

Family Life Style Sessions cost €250.

What if I need to cancel because somebody is sick or the weather sucks!

No problem! On booking I send you a T&C’c explaining that I’m as sound as a pound and rescheduling is never a problem!

Other Family members want to join, is that okay?

Yaaaaa! The more the merrier! This session suits everybody right from Newborn all the way to Nana’s & Granda’s!

How do I book a session?

Easy… click HERE!

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