Baby Alfie

10 days new, Alfie was born close to Christmas, the best gift you could ask for.

Alfie’s Mom and Dad were full of warmth, Alfie fitted right in. Such a peachy glow from this new Baby Boy, so sweet and innocent. Alfie may have been the New Baby, but he turned this Family into a Family of four, joining his Fur Brother with four paws!

Alfie was wrapped in a cosy blanket when I arrived, dressed in only his nappie. He was ready for action, smile & shoot! And boy did he deliver!

Baby Fionn

Patients has made me understand that, a relaxed and comfortable baby makes the whole experience wonderful.

Baby Fionn was by far the smallest Baby I had worked with, being born premature, he really made my heart sink! His Mum had followed my advice, so before I arrived to the house Fionn was after a warm bath, feed and changed. Fionn was so content he slept the whole way through the session!

But managed to give me some adorable yawns before our session finished!



I’m a Mum to Two.

Leo 6 and Abbie 4 (Abbie’s 5 in 8 days!) so morning life can be bonkers at times!

Following a school run, a cuppa cha usually wakes me up and off to work!

I’m lucky enough to have a charming corner in my house to work in. My late Nana gave me an old table. It’s been stowed away under her stairs for as long as I can remember. I’ve been told it was an old headmasters table and its over 60 years old, now thats pretty impressive! Its full of memories, marks and dents, just perfect!

Its here I reply to emails, messages & edit photos of Newborns Sessions, Families, Engagements and Wedding Photography every morning while my Kiddies are in school…

Wild Atlantic Way

Some mornings I break free and go for a walk, meet a buddie for a cuppa or clean the bleeding house! Its hard to stay inside when West Cork is so beautiful, we really dont know how lucky we are.

Ciara, x


Blog Challenge – The Mother Hen, Blogger

So today’s Blog Challenge is ‘ your zodiac sign and dose it fit your personality?’….

I’ll be honest…. I haven’t a flippin clue! So I googled Pisces…. Here’s what it says!

Strengths: Compassionate, artistic, intuitive, gentle, wise, musical

Weaknesses: Fearful, overly trusting, sad, desire to escape reality, can be a victim or a martyr

Pisces likes: Being alone, sleeping, music, romance, visual media, swimming, spiritual themes

Pisces dislikes: Know-it-all, being criticized, the past coming back to haunt, cruelty of any kind

I guess, some of it applies, like from Blog 1, I said Im happy to spend time on my own, and SNAP!

Wise… Obviously!

Musical… HELL to the N.O.!

Swimming… to the bottom, I actually have a fear of water! Hate it.

Ya I dunno about all this Zodiac stuff, never really took to it.

Although when I was growing up me and my Bestie would read them religiously from the back of Magazines. But never the old ones, bad luck, Apparently!

To infinity and beyond!!!!

Ciara, x


The Mother Hen has set a Blog Challenge to get those who should Blog, Blogging!

‘the Blog a Day Challenge’ – I accept!

So here’s Blog number 1,(Literally! I’ve never Blogged before!! Aghh!)

’10 Things About Me’…

  1. I really love the smell of coffee! I popped into IKEA last month, one show room smelled like coffee, heaven! I ended up slouched in this arm chair, loving life!
  2. I have two AMAZING Kiddies! If they could smell like coffee, that would be fairly awesome, but they dont. I love them anyway. I tell them everyday…
  3. I enjoy Architecture related stuff! This might be news to some, I dont seem to talk alot about it, but I really enjoy reading, watching and studying all thing Architecture related… Old Irish builds seem to grab my attention, maybe its the history behind it to… a favorite being Bantry House.

4. Eastenders makes my day! Nobody else in the house agrees!

5. I started watching Wee Daniel & Majella touring around the USA! Shamefully, I cant wait to see next weeks! Teeny tiny bit Jealous to be honest!!

6. I love taking pictures, like, I’ve found the thing I love to do!! #lucky

7. The Nothern Lights. Do they really exist!? Twice iv traveled up North in search of these Beauties and nadda!! On the other hand we had two smashing Holidays, Iceland & Lapland… Epic!

8. I enjoy my own company, sounds a little sad I know!! But Im rather happy doing things on my own, Independent some might say!

9. just bought myself a new camera, im so excited!!! Dont tell my Husband, hehe!

10. I have a BIG Birthday coming up next year and I’m jetting off on Holidays… Cant decide where to, suggestions welcome… Up North maybe, Greenland, surely they have the Northern Lights!

Ciara, x

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