I’m a Mum to Two.

Leo 6 and Abbie 4 (Abbie’s 5 in 8 days!) so morning life can be bonkers at times!

Following a school run, a cuppa cha usually wakes me up and off to work!

I’m lucky enough to have a charming corner in my house to work in. My late Nana gave me an old table. It’s been stowed away under her stairs for as long as I can remember. I’ve been told it was an old headmasters table and its over 60 years old, now thats pretty impressive! Its full of memories, marks and dents, just perfect!

Its here I reply to emails, messages & edit photos of Newborns Sessions, Families, Engagements and Wedding Photography every morning while my Kiddies are in school…

Wild Atlantic Way

Some mornings I break free and go for a walk, meet a buddie for a cuppa or clean the bleeding house! Its hard to stay inside when West Cork is so beautiful, we really dont know how lucky we are.

Ciara, x

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